What's your community? Join us at NGOFair

On the 9th and 10th of May invite you to participate at NGOFair – The National Non-governmental Organizations Festival to be held in the Herastrau ParkCharles de Gaulle entrance.

This year, NGOFair is  about the „model communities”. Whether are local communities, vulnerable ones or about communities of ideas, the non-governmental organizations are the ones who are preparing and are encouraging the people to become involved in them, to be a part of them. Regardless of the area in which your NGO is active, at ONGFest we are inviting you to tell us about the communities you represent and their initiatives. And then, to encourage others to support them.

Model communities?

The model communities are advocating for mutual trust, for taking decisions in a democratic and transparent way, voluntary participation and solidarity. They bring people with diverse abilities together - that complement each other - and enable an easier achievement of the commom goals. Together, community members can influence the decisions of the public authorities. Communities allow social integration and the build-up of mutual trust. The communities are not isolated, they communicate and they intertwine.

And the NGOs from the communities are informing and are shaping the citizens. It helps them to solve problems and improve their lives. Mediates opinions and helps citizens in finding the best solutions. They are seeding model communities. 

What’s the program?

The official opening of the festival - 8th of May - will take place at the National Library (TBC). After the opening, participants have the opportunity to share experiences and best practices from projects dedicated to democracy.

The outdoor event - 9-10th of May - will take place in Herăstrău Park, one of the nicest and biggest parks in Bucharest. The event will bring together approximately 150 NGOs from within Romania and abroad. At least 25 000 visitors are expected.

Who is invited:  NGOs from all the donor countries of EEA grants 2009 – 2014, Fund Operators and Project Promoters from all the beneficiaries’ countries of the program. Those interested are kindly requested to contact the organisers using the contact details provided below.

Participation at the event does not imply any participation fee and there is no selection procedure involved. However, maximum 2 representatives of each organisation can be welcomed. The costs for participation (travel, accommodation and meals) are covered by the organisers.

Beneficiaries, volunteers or aspirant donors of some ideas or donors. By what everyone is doing, it creates an identity. But only by working together we can build a community.

More information about the event can be found here.

For further details and participation, please contact: Vera Ularu, communication coordinator, vera.ularu (at) fdsc.ro , 021.310.01.77

ONGFest is the biggest outdoor event of the Romanian civil society, which aims to increase the number of citizens actively involved in the community, to develop the associative spirit and to increase the involvement in society of associations and foundations in Romania. It is organized within the NGO Fund Programme in Romania, with the support of the Municipality of Bucharest. The NGO Fund Programme in Romania is part of the assistance provided to Romania within EEA Grants 2009 – 2014. It is implemented by the leading consortium formed by the Civil Society Development Foundation (CSDF), the Foundation for Partnership (FP) and the Resource Centre for Roma Communities (CRRC).