The conference

Civil Society Development Fondation organise between 14 - 15 of October, at Bucharest, the conference "Civil society: trends in working with children and youth". The conference is one of the  NGO Fund programme activities, which is part of SEE and Norwegian grants 2009 - 2014.

The aim of the conference is to share information about best practice projects and to create a platform for networking organizations working with and for children and youth. We also intent to understand what represents innovation in projects carried out in this field.

The conference will gather important stakeholders in education in Romania and other European countries, which can enhance the knowledge and abilities of Romanian NGOs. Concepts regarding educational issues and obstacles nowadays will be clarified, especially from the civil society point of view. During the networking workshops will be explored the concepts and issues that will serve, on one hand, to potential partnerships among the participants and, on the other hand, to develop concrete project proposals to be addressed for the NGO Fund.

Among participants, will be fond Romanian NGOs and practitioners in education, bloggers, academia, journalists, along with relevant colleagues representing the donor states, programme operators and NGOs from countries recipient of EEA assistance and Council of Europe. We anticipate the presence of more than 100 participants.

For more information regarding the thematics of the conference and the speakers please consult the agenda.