Support for NGO Fund Operator in Hungary

The operators of the EEA/Norway NGO Programmes in 15 EU countries wrote a letter to express their solidarity and support for Ökotárs Foundation and its three consortium partners which handle the Norwegian Civic Fund in Hungary, as well as for all the Hungarian NGOs affected by the dispute between the Fund and the Hungarian government.

They are deeply disturbed by the reports that our colleagues in Hungary who are recognized and respected in the European NGO community for their professionalism and exemplary operational standards have become the target of unfounded accusations from the Hungarian government. 

In all 15 countries there are constructive and respectful relationships between the EEA/Norway NGO Programme operators and the national governments, they declare. The NGO Programme is welcomed by the governments, as well as by the NGO community, as making a positive contribution to strengthening civil society and citizen engagement in line with core democratic practices and values.

The mechanism of working with national NGOs as programme operators is accepted and supported in every recipient country, by both the national governments and the civil society, and furthermore it is considered as good practice internationally.

The complete version of the letter can be found here.