Over 9.700.000 euro for NGOs projects


A new call for proposal under the NGO Fund Programme is open. Over 9.7 milion euros are available for NGOs projects in various fields as active citizenshp, social inclusion, human rights, environmental protection and more.

It is the second call for proposals under the program. The first call was launched in 2013 and made available to non-govermental organizations, more than 20 milion euros. Within the five components of the program over 200 projects were funded.

The five components of the program are:

  1. Engagement, with 2.4 milion euros budget, which is funding projects in the fields of active citizenship, community involvement and fundamental democratic values.
  2. Social Justice, with 1.6 milion euros budget, which aim is to combat social inequality, poverty and exclusion and the development of social inclusion.
  3. Sustainable Development, with a total budget of 1.4 milion euros, is financing the projects that ensure the egagement of NGOs in the environment protection in Romania.
  4. Welfare and Basic Social Services, with a total budget of 3.2 milions euros, aims to increase the acces at basic social services for vulnerable groups.
  5. NGO Capacity Development. Networks and Coalitions, with a total budget of 1.1 milion euros, is aiming the the NGOs development projects in Romania.

Details rearding the types of grants and eligibility requirements are available in the dedicated section of each component. The NGOs will have two months to submit projects for each component. The deadlines for submitting projects will be announced by launching the Aplicants Guidelines for each of the components.