Nonformal education methods to fight against hate speech

During Nonformal Education Lab 2013 the participants experimented 19 nonformal education methods. They found out how these methods can be used to fight against hate speech and human rights violation.  

Forum theatre or animation, imprivisation or shadow theatre. Each method can be used to express messages or to increase the awareness on hate speech or human rights violences consequences.

The event was organised by ANPCDEFP, financed by European Commission trought Youth in Action programme and CSDF, trought EEA grants 2009 - 2014, NGO Fund programme in Romania.

A video presentation of each methods can be found here. 



Nonformal education methods in combating hate speech:

Living Library , Graphic FacilitationSocio-educational animationShadow theatreForum theatreImprovisational theatreOrigamiJugglingPhotovoiceTranscend.