More than 70.000 euro for partnerships development with donor countries

The Civil Society Development Foundation launches the second call for proposals under the Funds for Bilateral Relations. Through this call for proposals Romanian non-governmental organisations are supported in their search for partners from donor countries (Norway, Iceland si Liechtenstein), sustainable partnerships development and applications for bilateral project development, under the NGO Fund.


The application dossier containing the Guidelines for applicants and its annexes is available here and bellow:

Guidelines for applicants 

Annex 1 – Application form 

Annex 2 – Statement on eligibility and partnership agreement 

Annex 3 – Applicant statement of eligibility 

Annex 4 – Financing contract template (RO)

Annex 5 – Final technical and financial report

Annex 6 – Request for payment (RO)


Eligible applicants under the present call for proposals are non-governmental and non-profit organisations, with a legal status and the headquarters in Romania, organised and managed according to the Romanian enforced laws regarding the non-governmental organisations, respectively association, foundation, federation constituted according to the provisions of GO 26/2000 or the Law 21/1924 regarding associations and foundations, with subsequent modifications and completions.


The total allocationEUR 71,958.23.


The maximum size of the grantEUR 3.000, with a limit of not more than EUR 1.500 Euro per participant per travel.


Latest date of submissionFebruary 20, 2014. After the deadline of submission, all proposals shall enter the evaluation and selection process.


In order to facilitate the identification of suitable partners in the donor countries, the Programme Operator collaborates with the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (http://eeagrants.org/Who-we-are/Who-we-work-with/Norwegian-Helsinki-Committee) and the Icelandic Human Rights Centre (http://www.humanrights.is/english/).

A comprehensive database of organisations from the donors’ states is available at: http://partners.ngonorway.org/search.php


The contact person for any questions related to this call:

Vlad Dumitrescu, Senior Grant Officer

Tel: 0040 21 310 01 81

Fax: 0040 21 310 01 80

E-mail: bilateral@fdsc.ro