Lista participaţilor din Norvegia şi Islanda la conferinţa de lansare a Programului Fondul ONG în România

În zilele de 18 şi 19 aprilie, 26 de reprezentanţi din cadrul unor organizaţii neguvernamentale din Norvegia şi Islanda, dornici să încheie parteneriate cu organizaţii din România au participat la Conferinţa de lansare a Programului Fondul ONG în România.

Lista completă a tuturor participantilor şi detalii despre fiecare oragnizaţie poate fi consultată mai jos:





Short description

Agri Romania



Support the Association's purpose should be to engage in agricultural development in Romania.

Support the Association's objectives are to provide advice guidance development and consultancy services in various fields in Roma.

City of Bergen



Bergen is the second largest city in Norway with around 270 000 inhabitants. The municipality has around 15 000 employees in areas like health, social services, school, culture, city planning and a lot more.

Drug and alcohol competende center - region South



Drug and alcohol competence center – region South, is owned by the Norwegian Blue Cross, and our work is commissioned by the Norwegian Directorate of Health.
The center has been given special responsibility in the field of pregnant substance abusers and families with young children. We have participated in developing programs for prevention of alcohol related birth defects in Norway. In October two of our employees will visit a smaller town in South Africa to educate professionals in health care about the same topic.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorders (FASD) is among our top competence fields, and we are hoping for the opportunity to share and develop this knowledge and experience in an international context with Blue Cross Romania.

Forandre Verden - Change the World



CTW is a nonprofit organization founded in Oslo in 1997. CTW works for the creation of alternative ways of life, build up sustainable human settlements through participatory processes and spread information and tools that are needed in order to achieve self-sufficiency and autonomy. CTW supports and works with local and grassroots organizations with similar goals throughout Europe, Latin America and Africa. CTW contribute with skills, tools and experience in: Permaculture and eco-village design, Transition Town, appropriate technology, natural building, alternative economy, participatory process, self-development, consensus and conflict resolution.

Foreningen Romanipe

Eirik Gram


We have been working for a long time to establish a good relation to the Roma population of Somcuta Mare (and other places). We try to give basic aid, establish jobs, promoting culture, improve sanitation, create positive news about Roma, introduce low tech Eco solutions, empowerment, education and improve relation between Roma and Romanian people and other Roma groups.

Forestry Extension Institute

Bjørn Helge


The Forestry Extension Institute is a non-governmental organization founded in 1958. The Institute is organized as a partnership with 39 forestry organizations and scientific institutions forming the membership. The main purpose of the Institute is to provide continuing education and training in the forestry sector and in forestry related fields, as well as to heighten public awareness to the importance of forestry. This is accomplished by educational materials, conferences and consulting services. The activities of the Institute are countrywide and cover a large variety of subjects within forest management, planning, economy, silviculture, ecology, forest operations and techniques, wildlife management and multiple use of forest land.

Frambu Resource Centre for Rare Disorders

Lisen Julie



Frambu is a national resource centre for people with rare disorders and disabilities catering for approximately 100 different rare disorders.
Frambu provides services, funded by the government that are supplementary to the normal treatment and care to which everyone is entitled.
Frambu is a place for families and professionals to meet.
Frambu’s services span the entire life cycle from childhood to old age.





GRID-Arendal is a non-profit foundation established by Norwegian Government to support United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) by supporting informed decision making and awareness-raising through:

• Environmental information management and assessment

• Capacity building services

• Outreach and communication tools, methodologies and products

LIM (Equality, integration and diversity)




LIM works to promote immigrants’ participation, trust and sense of belonging in Norwegian society. The main focus areas are: gender equality, freedom of speech, integration, inter-religious tolerance and fight against discrimination and extremism. LIM’s overarching goal is to promote a peaceful and inclusive society where the individual’s universal human rights to liberty and dignity are protected.

Mia Casa foundation



Mia Casa is a children’s’ day center in the village Barnova. Children are coming after school for meals, support for home-work, new skills, excursions, personal hygiene, shower, new cloths, and more. Many families are living under severe poverty in this village. Some children are exposed to domestic violence and abuse.

National Institute for Consumer Research



SIFO is a non-biased governmental institute that conducts consumer research and testing, and was established in 1939. The board of directors is appointed by the Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, which also provides the basic funding. SIFO currently has a staff of 55 which are comprised of researchers and other highly qualified personnel from social and natural sciences

Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities



KS is the only employers’ association and interest organization for municipalities, counties and local public enterprises in Norway. All All 428 municipalities and 19 counties are members, as well as approx. 500 public enterprises. Main objectives are to be a unifying policy and employer organization for local government.
Strengthen the members as competent and reliable employers. Achieve increased freedom of action and better basic conditions for different groups of members. Contribute to alternative organization models and working methods which promote quality, efficiency and citizen participation

Norwegian Church Aid

Anne Lise


NCA is an ecumenical, humanitarian organization working both through empowering the poor and challenging the wealthy and powerful. Established in 1947 with assistance to victims of war in Germany. Working in more than 30 countries on four continents.18 country/area/regional offices. Rights-based and integrated approach with long-term development, emergency and advocacy.

Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research

Lars Ola



Research and conference center, NE Norway, 400 km N Arctic Circle, close to Russia and Finland. DNA-laboratory, genetic analyses of brown bear populations. Natural resources, ecosystem services, protected areas, biological diversity, climate-, environment- and agriculture-related research in Barents Region. Nature-based tourism; logistics, infrastructure, capacity building, bird-watching, national park visitor-center, ethno biology.

Norwegian institute for Nature Research



NINA is an NGO, Norway’s leading institution in applied ecological research, and a key research institute in Europe. NINA performs research and monitoring in the fields of: sustainable development; nature management including hunting and conservation; biodiversity; facilitation of the implementation of international conventions; decision-support systems; and nature management regulations. We perform consultancies for industry and management authorities, and work to enhance public awareness and promote conflict resolution. See: www.nina.no

Pro Sentret



A health and social service center for male, female and transgender sex workers and a national center for prostitution. A GO – founded by the Municipality of Oslo with co-funding from several Governmental Ministries (and occasionally private donors). As a national center for prostitution: Documentation, Nationwide guidance, Develop effective methods, Education and information, Networking nationally and internationally, project partner, Monitor developments and keep up-to- date on trends in Norway and internationally, Look at preventive strategies and have an equal opportunity perspective. As a health and social service center: Health care, Social welfare/social work and counseling, Legal assistance, Drop-in center, Outreach work – both in the streets and in-door/Internet, Projects.

Rogaland Red Cross

Svein Arne Risa



Rogaland Red Cross has some international projects going on in Bucharest and Harghita. We have projects for the elderly, disabled, rural people in Romania.

Romaniahjelpen Vestlandet



NGO organization neutral to religion and political views. We work in collaboration with different public units such as Directory of Child protection and social services, Municipal offices, schools, social offices. We provide direct help such as second hand clothes and remits. Also we provide educational projects and cultural projects. All sponsored by different sources and economical decisions on all levels. Our aim is to help people direct and also help people to help themselves.

Salvation Army in Norway




The Salvation Army in Norway is a Christian organization with a strong social profile. We provide assistance to "the whole person", working in fields such as child and youth work, work rehabilitation, child care, care for substance abusers, elder care, emergency assistance and assistance to marginalized groups.

Save the Children in Norway

Anne Kristine



Save the Children in Norway is a non-governmental member organization which is party-politically and religiously neutral. Our values are built upon the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Save the Children aims to implement and protect children’s rights, and improve living conditions for the most vulnerable children. Save the Children Norway is a member of Save the Children International.

Simplicatus Research and Development AS



An employee-owned Norwegian company, our vision is to “Simply explain science!”. Our mission is to
• Promote understanding of complicated science concepts with simplified explanations
• Deliver high quality products/services for communicating, teaching and learning
Project beneficiary for a series of EU development projects over 12 years, see mosem.eu and simplicatus.com.

Sogn & Fjordane County – Euromontana Norway



Euromontana is the European multisectoral association for co-operation and development of mountain territories. It embraces regional and national mountain organizations throughout greater Europe, including regional development agencies, local authorities, agriculture organizations, environmental agencies, forestry organizations and research institutes.

Soroptimist International Arendal-Grimstad, Norway



Soroptimist International (SI) is a worldwide, non-political, non-religious service organization for professional women, with consultative status to UN/ECOSOC and representatives at all major UN centers.  Norway is in the European Federation (SI/E). SI Arendal-Grimstad is one of 67 Norwegian clubs, also a member of FOKUS: Forum for women and development.

Youth Entrepreurship - Sogn & Fjordane



Youth Entrepreneurship Sogn og Fjordane create links between education and employment. We give young pupils opportunities working together with local businesses through these activities. They will learn about how to create and ran their own business after finishing education. We also together with schools organize student businesses.









Short description

Reykjavik University



Reykjavik University Reykjavik University (RU), Iceland´s largest private university, is a dynamic international university with over 3000 students offering a first rate education in one of the most unique countries in the world. The University is committed to academic excellence and is renowned for it outstanding teaching and unique relations with Icelandic industries and public institutions. The University comprises of four schools: the School of Business, School of Computer Science, School of Law, and the School of Science and Engineering. We presently offer 20 Masters programs taught entirely in English, several PhD programs and a number of Undergraduate modules in English.

Women's Counselling (Kvennaráðgjöfin)

Thorbjorg Inga


The Women’s Counseling offers legal and social work counseling for women. We´re open Tuesdays from 20-22 and Thursdays from 14-16. Our main goal is to offer counseling and support to women, however we assist anyone seeking our services, regardless of their sex. You can either come here or call us during opening hours. Our services are free of charge and those who turn to us need neither give their name or any other personal data.

The Icelandic Human Rights Centre



The purpose and aim of the Center is to promote human rights by collecting information on and raising awareness of human rights issues in Iceland and abroad. The Center works to make human rights information accessible to the public by organizing conferences and seminars on human rights issues and by providing human rights education. The Center also promotes legal reform and research on human rights and has established the only specialized human rights library in Iceland.