Laboratory on Fighting against Discrimination

Between 31 of May and 5 of June 2015 The Laboratory on Fighting against Discrimination took place in a nonformal place, at Gura Portitei, Tulcea county. During the event there were opened various thematic workshops where were discussed new ways to fight discrimination.

The event had the purpose to establish a common direction on the aproached subject, to try nonformal methods to fight with hate speech and to create future collaborations and partnerships between participants. 

The thematic workshops that took place during this event were: Teather-labyrinth,  Teather-image, Sociodrama which had the purpose to promote communication and interaction between the participants from different areas of activity and who have different experiences: sociologists, jurnalists, bloggers. 

After the end of the workshop each of them engaged in the organization of a number of events and activities through wich the methods about fight against the hate speech and the defense of human rights would become more known in their domain of activity. Motivated, open minded and passionated by the subject of human rights with experience in working with communities, the participants had different reactions on the new methods to combat hate speech brought into the discussion in the workshop.

Among the planned initiatives there are: the idea of creating a blog to inform people about the importance of  hate speech and how it can be combated, the organization of sporting and cultural events, interactive street campaigns, presentations, debates in schools to motivate people to take part in the movement to combat discrimination.

The Laboratory on Fighting Against Discrimination and the 16 participants are the first steps for developing a resource network in order to fight against hate speech in Romania. The events and activities organized by the participants will be carried out begining September 2015.