Fighting against hate speech at NGOFest

Combating Hate speech is the main theme of ONGFest 2014 – The National Festival of NGOs in Romania. Between May 9th and 11th, in Herăstrău Park, at the Romanian Parliament and at the UN House, Romanian NGOs, and international NGOs as well, mobilize their skills and their resources against hateful speech.

This type of speech is a growing phenomenon: it is found in the statements of public figures, in the media and especially in the various forms of online socializing.  And the groups targeted in Romania are especially of ethnic and sexual minorities.

These types of discourses have begun to be associated in criminal activity, hate, prejudice, and discrimination. A strong reaction to reject such an event is essential and ONGFest 2014 envisages clogging this reaction. 

Daily, fair visitors can take part in non-formal events and debates that highlight the effects of hateful speech and seeks solutions for its reduction. You will find below detailed information about events and debates that address the topic of hateful speech.

Please find a detailed program here.