Errata for the Call for Proposals, Round 1, Component 5, NGO Capacity Development. Networks and Coalitions

July 5, 2013

Regarding the Call for Proposals - Round 1, Component 5 NGO CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT. NETWORKS AND COALITIONS, the potential Applicants who have downloaded the documents related to this Component before July 5, 2013, are kindly requested to consider the following correction that occured in the Annex 5 - Contribution to the Expected Outcomes:


  • It us unblocked the access and it is allowed the insertion of values for the outcome "Citizens that  are not part of NGO employes (including members of NGOs, community, etc.) that benefit from the activities from the financed projects - including activities such as informing / raising awareness, training"   (from a setting error, the C9 cell from the Excel document was blocked).


All the other documents remain unchanged.


The right form of Annex 5 - Contribution to the Expected Outcomes is available for download HERE.