Combating hate speech at TEDXcaleavictorieiED 2014

“Some were beaten to death in custody”, said Bogdan Suciu about drug users in his speech given for the TEDxCaleaVictorieiED, an event that took place on 7th of October at Control Club from Bucharest. Bogdan is a social worker from “Carusel” and a member of the “Brigada Activistilor din Domeniul Drogurilor”. Having decided to quit the drugs he now defends the rights of drugs and alcohol consumers through the organization for which he works. Together with the team he is a member of, he offers support for vulnerable and marginalized groups. Along with seven other speakers he shared his experience from the field of human rights protection. Bogdan knows this area. Especially from the point of view of someone who’s rights have been violated. He talked about the police abuse directed at drug users and about how difficult it is for some of them to access health services.

It is the second edition of TEDxCaleaVictorieiED, an event dedicated to education. This year’s theme was human rights education. Among the speakers who shared their experience in this field are: Alexandra Lancranjan, prosecutor at Prosecutor's Office attached to Bucharest Tribunal, Csaba Asztalos, president of the National Council for Combating Discrimination, Eliza Rogalski, founder of Rogalski Damaschin Public Relation, Valeriu Nicolae, founder of the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities, Elena Stancu, journalist and Teodora Agarici, volunteer for Save the Children Romania.

The NGO Fund was one of the supporters of this edition. Defending the human rights is one of the program’s strategic priorities, along with combating hate speech. Beginning with public policies, moving along through best practices and personal experiences, each of the speeches inspired the 100 participants to initiate or continue the fight against hate speech and the fight for the protection of human rights.