Chestionat de feedback la programul de granturi al SEE 2009 - 2014

We invite you to fill the online survey for feedback regarding the EEA and Norway grants. The survey is the initiative of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee and is conducted with the purpose of giving CSOs in beneficiary countries an opportunity to provide feedback on the programme, with special emphasis on the NGO programs. Based on the results of the survey the NHC can give better feedback to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on EEA Grants programming. The results of the survey can also provide valuable information for the assessment of civil society in beneficiary countries.

You can read more on the role of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee in the EEA Grants mechanism, here: www.ngonorway.org.

Responses and comments will be treated in strict confidence. Any report that may be written based on the information gathered in this survey will not include names or any other identifying information.

Please complete the survey by 1st of July 2015. To fill it out please follow this link.

For any further questions, please contact us at: Csilla Czimbalmos, csilla@nhc.no.