România 2017. Sectorul neguvernamental – profil, tendințe, provocări

Beyond reports and figures

In April 2013, a new funding programme of over 36 million euro, 100% dedicated to the civil society was launched in Bucharest.

The Spirit of Dugnad

The Norwegian word dugnadsånd, translatable into the will to work together for a greater cause.

Over 3 milions of people involved in NGO Fund projects

With a financial allocation of over 36 milion euros, through this programme were funded 390 projects nationwide.

Realizarile Fondului ONG in Romania sunt prezentate in cadrul conferintei finale - Impartasim, Invatam, Sarbatorim

10 pasi pentru internet fara sexism

Practici europene pentru a promova un mediu fara ura

Holidays program 2016 - 2017

Starting 27th of December, CSDF reception is closed. We will get back to regular activities next year, on 4th of January.

Gala Nationala a Voluntarilor: patru premii acordate proiectelor finantate prin Fondul ONG

Ziua Internationala a Drepturilor Omului: Ura nu este o opinie

Work program

On 30th of November, 1st and 2nd of December, NGO Fund team is out of the office. 

Situatia democratiei din europa a fost dezbatuta la bucuresti

transmisii live la Forumul Societatii Civile 2016

Registrations at Civil Society Forum from Central and Eastern Europe

The ambition of the 2016 edition of Central and Eastern Europe Civil Society Forum is to help strengthen democracy and to protect essential values.

4 castigatori la Gala Tineretului din Romania

Romania semneaza memorandumurile pentru Granturile SEE 2014 - 2021

Versiunea finala a Blue book

The ‘Blue Book’ containing the priority sectors and programme areas for the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021 is now available. 

Oameni pentru democratie

Council of Europe consultations on civil society participation in Romanian public decision-making

The delegation of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe met with representatives of Romanian NGOs and public authorities.

Barometrul liderilor ONG 2016

Campania Fara ura/Cu drag

lansarea campaniei Fara Ura in Romania

Invitatie la completarea chestionarului privind prioritatile de finantare propuse pentru programul Societate Civila, parte a Granturilor SEE 2014-2021

Apel la solidaritate pentru diversitate

Fii parte din cel mai mare lant impotriva urii

Consultari publice pentru granturile Spatiului Economic European 2014 - 2021

Peste 40.000 de vizitatori la ONGFest – Atelierul de fapte bune

Peste 95 la suta rata de absorbtie pentru Fondul ONG in Romania

Activitatile celor 390 de proiecte finantate prin Fondul ONG in Romania sunt incheiate. Evaluarea intermediara a rezultatelor arata ca rata de absorbtie de programului este de peste 95%.

Paste Fericit

NGO Fund team wishes you Happy Easter!

Expenditure for social assistance in Romania is seven times lower than EU average

The non-governmental organisations active in social services are the most effective investors in the community, as they produce measurable, sustainable and impact results. 

Proiectele pentru antidiscriminare si combaterea actiunilor instigatoare la ura trebuie sa continue

The NGOs developed intervetion models for more than half of the antipoverty measures launched by the Government

Conferinta Politici publice pentru servicii sociale accesibile - Construim poduri intre furnizorii de servicii sociale

Raportează discursul instigator la ură împotriva femeilor

Happy New Year

Thank you for all this year's achievements. We wish you a New Year filled with special moments!

Castigatorii concursului povestea de voluntariat preferata

implica-te in promovarea drepturilor omului

Voteaza povestea de voluntariat preferata

Dreptul de a fi unic

Concluziile conferintei despre roma si discriminare

Conferinta regionala despre romi si discriminare

The Regional conference on Roma and discrimination will look constructively and also critically to the last 25 years of Roma public policy and programming and challenges for the future. 

An Appeal from Central Europe

We are facing a humanitarian crisis on an enormous scale. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa are attempting to reach Europe in search of safety, hope, and the chance to lead a normal life. Not so long ago, we were the ones knocking on Europe's door.

Se intampla in Romania

Addendum no. 2 to the financing contracts signed within Round 1

Chestionat de feedback la programul de granturi al SEE 2009 - 2014

We invite you to fill the online survey for feedback regarding the EEA and Norway grants.

Comunitam in deschidere

160 de organizatii se prezinta las ONGFest

ONGFest 2015 - participants and programme

By ONGFest 2015 we promote the contribution of NGOs to develop successful models of communities.

Cautam oameni de actiune care schimba prejudecati

Prime Minister Vidar Helgesen visit in Romania

On the 15th of April 2015, Mr. Vidar Helgesen visited Romania and met with the Prime Minister and other government officials. Projects financed within the EEA Grants and Norway Grants were also visited.

sarbatori fericite


Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civile, impreuna cu partenerii sai Fundatia pentru Parteneriat si  Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitatile de Romi, va doresc Sarbatori Fericite! 


What's your community? Join us at NGOFair

On the 9th and 10th of May invite you to participate at NGOFest– The National Non-governmental Organizations Festival.

Selectie pentru Programul de pregatire complexa pentru tinerii activisti romi 2015

We are Recruiting Financial Officer for the NGO Fund

Grants for journalists, bloggers and photographers

The Financial Mechanism Office (FMO) provides Media Grants to media outlets, journalists, bloggers and/or photographers interested in publishing stories about key areas of support for the EEA and Norway Grants.

The lists of projects proposed for funding within Second Round

Calendar estimativ al transmiterii rezultatelor evaluarii tehnice si fianciare – Runda 2

We are recruiting Grants Officer for NGO Fund

CSDF team is looking for a new colleague

Adam Michnik: Civil society represents the wine and bread of democracy

Civil society organisations from 18 European countries attending the Central and Eastern European Civil Society Forum, sent a powerful signal to European institutions and governments concerning the deterioration of democracy and rule of law in Europe.

Transmisie live: Adam Michnik si Andrei Plesu in deschiderea Forumului ECE

Civil Society Forum from Central and Eastern Europe starts today, 27 November, with a dialogue between Polish journalist Adam Michnik and Romanian philosopher Andrei Plesu.

Civil Society Forum in Central and Eastern Europe 2014

On the 27th and the 28th of November, representatives of NGOs from 18 countries, key players in the European institutions (European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe) will be meeting in Bucharest to discuss and predict the future of the democracy and of the civil society in Europe.

workshop for online activists

Online activists are invited to participate at the workshop organised within the No Hate Speech Movement Campaign . The workshops will take part between 7 - 11 of December at Strasbourg

Addendum no. 1 to the financing contracts signed within Round 1

The Program Operator published the Addendum no. 1 to the financing contracts signed within Round 1 of the NGO Fund.

Providing justice for Roma Holocaust victims

“We lived under terrible living conditions and suffered a lot. People were dying from hunger, malnutrition and diseases”

1814 Anul Miracolelor

Combating hate speech at TEDXcaleavictorieiED 2014

It is the second edition of TEDxCaleaVictorieiED, an event dedicated to education. This year’s theme was about human rights.

TEDxCaleaVictorieiED education for human rights

Tuesday, October 7, 2014 takes place in Bucharest TEDxCaleaVictorieiED event dedicated to education. The theme of this year's event is Education for Human Rights.

Technical support for using the online platform in order to register Applications

For questions regarding the use of the online platform exclusively, you can call anytime the phone number 0742.200.894.

Deadline for receiving questions - Component 1

We extend the deadline for receiving questions on Component 1 - ENGAGE until Tuesday, September 30. Due to some technical malfunctions, today we can not take phone calls at the CSDF telephone numbers. For questions and details related to NGO Fund, please use the following number: 0757.826.614.

Useful advice for applying within second Round

Matters you need to pay attention to, while preparing and submitting the Applications within the secon Round of the NFG Fund

Webinar - Questions about NGO Fund


No information in English available.


Open doors day

Instructions to upload the online the project proposals

Please firm the open letter to support the Hungarian civil society

Open letter: NGOs across the Europe are solidar with civil society in Hungary.

Online session about the second call for proposal of NGO Fund


No details in Romanian.


Lessons learned from the evaluation of the project proposals submitted within the first Round

The second call for proposals of NGO Fund is open

NGO Fund programme is open now to receive applications. Is the second call for proposals of the programme, the first one has been launched during the summer of 2013.

NO HATE SPEECH at Non-formal Education Day

We invite the NGOs to participate with activities dedicated to no hate speech fight. 

Over 9.700.000 euro for NGOs projects

A new call for proposal under the NGO Fund Programme is open. Over 9.7 milion euros are available for NGOs projects in various fields as active citizenshp, social inclusion, human rights, environmental protection and more.


General information about the second Round of NGO Fund

The documents containing general information about the second Round of call for proposals under the NGO Fund have been published.  

For an European Day of Victims of Hate Crime

22 of July should be considered the European day of victims of hate crime. In Norway, in 2011, took place two attacks that claimed a total of 77 lives. 

The first issue of Civic Arena magazine explores the many faces of Hate Speech in Europe

The first issue of Civic Arena, a new magazine focusing on the non-profit sector in Europe, with a particular attention to Central and Eastern European countries, has just been launched. 

Manual for fighting against hate speech online

In relation to the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement, to which the EEA and Norway Grants are partners, the CoE has produced an education/training manual called “Bookmarks”

We are recruiting Grants Officer for the NGO Fund

Support for NGO Fund Operator in Hungary

The operators of the EEA/Norway NGO Programmes in 15 EU countries wrote a letter to express their solidarity and support for Ökotárs Foundation and its three consortium partners which handle the Norwegian Civic Fund in Hungary.

NGOs members of EESC reaction towards Hungarian Government actions

NGOs  members of European Economic and Social Committee (CESE) expressed their indignation in front of the searches realized by the Government of Hungary representatives.

ONGFest 2014. Pentru combaterea discursului urii

Prima zi de ONGFest

Deschiderea ONGFest

Fighting against hate speech at NGOFest

Combating Hate speech is the main theme of ONGFest 2014 – The National Festival of NGOs in Romania. 

Happy Easter

We wish you a bunch of colorful days taking the color of involvement, the taste of inclusion and the smell of good deeds. May the civic rhythm accompany you!

Come to ONGFest

On May 9 to 11 a (r) evolution is called for. (R) evolution towards the better in every area each and every one of us looks and is concerned about.

A fost lansat studiul despre discursul urii in Romania

Resouces from the matchmaking seminar

The resouces from the matchmaking seminar that took place at Bucharest on 26 and 27 of November.

Winter holiday program

Civil Society Development Foundation wishes you a New Year full of accomplishments, abundance and happiness!

Resources and presentations from the conference regarding youth and children

Resources and presentations from the conference Civil Society : Trends in working with children and youth, that took place between 14 and 15 of October, in Bucharest.

Building NGOs capacity is important for Romania

Around 40 NGOs from Romania, Norway and Iceland met on 26 and 27 November in Bucharest, to build and plan the projects that will be submitted in the second round of funding in the program NGO Fund in Romania.

Remus Pricopie, Minister of National Eduation:

For two days, education and work with children and youth were discussed in Bucharest by over 100 practitioners in the field. 

The conference

Civil Society Development Fondation organise between 14 - 15 of October, at Bucharest, the conference "Civil society: trends in working with children and youth".

The List of Letters of intent selected for the submission of the Call for proposal documents under the Social Justice Component

1493 project proposals received during the first Call for Proposals

How much involvement desire exists among NGOs in Romania? About 800%.


“The EEA Grants NGO programme is for all Romanian NGOs. We hope it will bring necessary oxygen to our civil society.” said Ionut Sibian, director of Civil Society Development Foundation who is managing the programme.


Monday, May 15th, took place in Bucharest the thematic session Approaches related to the fight against hate speech.

Thematic session Advocacy and watchdog for sustainable development

Tuesday, 9th of July, took place at Bucharest the thematic session Advocacy and watchdog for sustainable development.

List of letters of intent received within SOCIAL JUSTICE Component

Taking action against hate crime and hate speech

Registration for Nonformal Education Laboratory 2013 are now open

Componenta 2 -Social justice: deadlines for submitting the Letters of Intent


For more details about the presentations and discussions from the thematic session Active citizenship and human rights

Errata for the Call for Proposals, Round 1, Component 5, NGO Capacity Development. Networks and Coalitions



Monday, 15th of July 2013, will take place in Bucharest the thematic session Approaches related to the fight against hate speech.


Consortiul format din Fundatia pentru Dezvoltarea Societatii Civile, Fundatia pentru Parteneriat si Centrul de Resurse pentru Comunitatile de Romi isi completeaza baza de date cu evaluatori


Joi, 19 iunie, a avut loc la Bucuresti, sesiunea tematica Incluziune sociala si inovatie in furnizarea de servicii sociale.


Tuesday, July 09, 2013 it will take place in Bucharest the thematic sesion Advocacy and watchdog for sustainable development.


NGO Fund: Announcement regarding the assistance provided to potential applicants

Thematic session

Wednesday, June 26, 2013, in Bucharest,  it will take place the thematic session "Active citizenship and respect for human rights".

Errata for the Call for Proposals, Round 1, Component 4 WELFARE AND BASIC SERVICES

Seseiunea tematica Incluziune si inovatie in domeniul social in cadrul Fondului ONG

Thematic and information sessions organized in the support of the Applicants - NGO Fund, Round 1

3 thematic sessions and 5 information sessions for the potential Applicants - NGO Fund, Round 1

In what kind of heart does hate reside?

We answer to this question on Saturday, May 18, at ONGFest, within a photo project.

Testing the preregistration form of the Application

We ask for your help in testing the preregistration form for the future Calls for projects that are going to be launched within the NGO Fund

NGO Fund at the NGO Fair – Bucharest, May 17-19th 2013

Part of CSDF team, administrating the NGO Fund, will be present to NGO Fair.

Participants list at the Launching Conference of the NGO Fund in Romania

Over 380 representatives of the nongovernmental organisations and of the public authorities participated to this event.

Calendarul estimativ al Fondului ONG a fost actualizat

Easter holiday program



On May 2nd and 3rd, please contact us by e-mail or fax at +40 21 310.01.80. We will return to the office and answer to all your request beggining with May 7th.

A fost lansat Programul Fondul ONG in Romania-en

Norwegian and Icelandic organizations that participated at the NGO Fund Launching Conference in Bucharest

During 18 and 19 of April 2013, 26 representatives of Norwegian and Icelandic NGOs, willing to partner with Romanian nongovernmental organizations, participated to the Launching Conference of the NGO Fund Programme.


Through the EEA and Norway Grants they provide funding worth €147 million to NGOs in Central and Southern Europe and encourage activities promoting tolerance and non-discrimination.


Two new programmes in Romania and Latvia have been approved since the beginning of the year, bringing the total to 61 approved programmes under the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014.