Launching the Welfare and Basic Services Component within the second Round of the NGO Fund

August 8, 2014

Civil Society Development Foundation is publishing the Applicants’ Guidelines and specific annexes for WELFARE AND BASIC SERVICES Component, within the second Round of the NGO Fund, part of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The general objective of WELFARE AND BASIC SERVICES Component is to increase access to and provision of welfare and basic services to vulnerable groups (children and youth at risk, children with disabilities and/or mental disorders and their families, victims of trafficking and gender-based/domestic violence, elders, rural population, ethnic minorities, migrants, the homeless, those struggling with substance abuse, people facing difficulties that can lead to further social exclusion, such as low levels of education and unemployment,  long-term unemployed or underemployment, people who are inactive but not registered as unemployed, chronic illnesses,  etc.).


The total allocation for this Component under the first round of Call for proposals is 4,800,000 Euro.


Grants are dedicated to NGOs. More information about eligibility conditions for the applicant and partners can be found in the Guidelines for applicants. Guidelines and annexes are available only in Romanian language.

An applicant organisation may submit a maximum number of 2 project proposals under the second round, out of which only 1 proposal for Large grants. Organisations that contracted and/or are in the precontracting phase with 2 or more projects under the first round (cumulative on all Components) may submit maximum 1 project proposal under the second round.


Deadline for submitting applications is 8th of October 2014.


Questions related to this Call for Proposals may be addressed by potential applicants by e-mail, phone or by fax no later than 1st of October 2014 (including) to: Ioana Florea – Senior Grants Officer, e-mail: welfare {at} fdsc.ro; phone: 021 310 01 81; fax: 021 310 01 80.

Answers will be given no later than 3rd of October 2014 and questions that may be relevant to other applicants, together with the answers, will be published on the Programme website.

The documents can be downloaded HERE.

Documents are available only in Romanian. Short summary in English is available under the Components section of the website.