Launching Rural interethnic communities development Subcomponent within the second Round of the NGO Fund

18 August 2014

The Resource Center for Roma Communities Foundation is publishing the Guidelines and the specific annexes for Rural interethnic communities development Subcomponent, from SOCIAL JUSTICE Component, within the second Round of the NGO Fund, part of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


The general objective of the SOCIAL JUSTICE Component is to contribute to combating social exclusion and reducing disparities within society and between various groups of society.


Component 2 - SOCIAL JUSTICE has two Subcomponents:

Subcomponent 2.1. Rural interethnic communities development which is the subject of this Call for Applications

Subcomponent 2.2. Fighting inequalities poverty and exclusion, (for which a separate Application Guide was launched)


The specific objective of Sub-Component Rural interethnic communities development is to contribute on medium and long term to the development of the disadvantaged interethnic communities and improvement of Roma situation.


The total allocation for this Sub-Component within the First Round of Call of Proposal is 863,000 Euro.


Grants are dedicated to NGOs. More information about eligibility conditions for the applicant and partners can be found in the Guidelines for applicants.

An applicant organisation may submit a maximum number of 2 project proposals under the second round, out of which only 1 proposal for Large grants. Organisations that contracted and/or are in the precontracting phase with 2 or more projects under the first round (cumulative on all Components) may submit maximum 1 project proposal under the second round.


Deadline for submitting the applications is 17th of October 2014.


Questions related to this Call for Proposals may be addressed  by potential applicants by e-mail, phone or by fax no later than 10th of October 2014  (including) to: Radu Lacatus – Senior Grants Officer; E-mail: rural@romacenter.ro; phone: 0264 420474; fax: 0264 420470.

Answers will be given no later than 14th of October 2014 and questions that may be relevant to other applicants, together with the answers, will be published on the Programme website www.fondong.fdsc.ro

The documents can be downloaded HERE.