For an European Day of Victims of Hate Crime

22 of July should be considered the European day of victims of hate crime. In Norway, in 2011, took place two attacks that claimed a total of 77 lives. The attacks from Oslo and Utøya were motivated by extreme attitudes and racist hatred.  The attacks on 22 July were an attack on the human rights culture upon which Europe is based.

A report of the Fundamental Rights Agency of the European Union, shows that minority groups are still the most vulnerable targets, amongst the most targeted being the Roma, LGBT and immigrant communities. A survey among victims of hate crime shows that many of the hate crimes go unreported, as the police force is seen as incapable to act, because of fear of intimidation by the perpetrators, or because these crimes seem to fit the norms of the given community. Hate speech provides the context for hate crime to take place as it dehumanizes its targets and provides justification for physical abuse, violence and heinous crimes, such as genocide and ethnic cleansing.

 In order to consider 22 of July the European day of victims of hate crime, we ask you to sign the petition initiated by Council of Europe, during No Hate Speech Movement. The petition can be found here.