Estimated launching calendar for Calls for Proposal - Round 1

Please take into consideration that the data in the table below are indicative.



Call for proposals – Round 1

Launching estimated date


Component 1 – ENGAGE

General objective: to encourage active citizenship and participation in community life, to ensure the respect and practice of fundamental democratic values.

1.1 Participation in decision-making and community engagement


May 31

1.2 Volunteer

1.3 Encouraging democratic values


Component 2 – Social Justice

General objective: to contribute to combating social exclusion and reducing disparities within society and between various groups of society.

2.1. Rural interethnic communities development


June 3 - 7

2.2 Fighting social inequalities, poverty and exclusion


Component 3 – Sustainable Development

General objective: to support sustainable development and the improvement of the environment in Romania through the contribution of the NGOs and through public participation.


May 30


Component 4 – Welfare and Basic Services

General objective: to increase access to and provision of welfare and basic services to vulnerable groups


May 27


Component 5 – NGO Capacity Development. Networks and Coalitions

General objective: to support the overall development of the NGO sector in Romania as well as the development of effective networks, coalitions and think tanks. 

5.1. Support for coalitions and networks at regional and national level and for think tanks


June 3 - 7

5.2. Support for initiatives that contribute to an enabling environment for NGOs in Romania and strengthen the overall sector representation

5.3. Strengthening membership and volunteer base of organisations and increasing participation of members / volunteers in organisations’ activities


Funds for Bilateral Relations: Measure a. Partnership building

Objective - Measure a.: e search for partners for donor partnership projects prior to or during the preparation of a project application, the development of such partnerships and the preparation of an application for a donor partnership project


April 22